[tor-dev] Notes from network team meeting Wed 3/16/2016

Isabela isabela at riseup.net
Wed Mar 16 20:41:06 UTC 2016

Hello there, this is something new we are trying out. The goal is to
improve communication between team members, since we are spread out
through many different time zones and is hard to get everyone together
at the same time for discussions and updates.

== Notes from little t Tor team - Wed March 16th 13:30 UTC @ #tor-dev

== Participants + updates:
    * nickm - trying to get 028 done, getting ready to help with 029
triage, fixing that old 027-authorities bug, and trying to make sure
that all the sponsorS EOM items get done, special focus on module
isolation right now

    * isabela - sent a few emails with exercise to start triaging for
029 / working on a proposal for our release process
    * dgoulet - working on prop#224 (#17238, dev branch
ticket17238_029_01) / reviewed 028 tickets and cleaned up the "tor-hs"
ticket queue also / plan on triaging for 029 by Friday then PlanetLibre
    * asn - worked mostly on prop224 - wrote a thread about design
/ working on GSoC preparations and review queue is empty so can help
review code if needed
    * special - nothing much to report, been busy with travel and
auxiliary responsibilities :<
    * Sebastian - helped implement 'sponsor' field on Trac / has ~8hrs
next week to work on something that needs help
    * karsten - tried to find 028 tickets that need review, found one
that's actually mine and that needed work, worked on that (#18460)

== Discussion topics and action items:

Triage 029 - first triage exercise is to mark sponsor tickets as:
    * 'sponsorY-must' means "We have promised this to sponsorY."
    * 'sponsorY-can' means "We can bill this to sponsorY, but we haven't
promised this specifically."

We will be looking into sponsor S, U and R tickets. Isabela sent a
spreadsheet via email for people to use and mark the tickets. We should
get it done by Friday EOM so we can move on with another triage
exercise. If you have any questions, please reach out to isabela via irc
or email.

Meeting time discussion:
    Is impossible to have something that will work perfectly for
everyone. We discussed a few possible solutions that Nick will compile
and email the list to continue the discussion with other members of the
team. We also decided on sharing meeting notes beyond the meet bot log.

Triagging 'must-fix-before-028-rc':
    During this discussion we also ended up deciding on creating a new
state for the review process 'need-merge', so when a ticket is done with
the review process goes to this state. This is the equivalent to
'needs-nick-review' state we discussed during the Dev Meeting
discussion. Some of the action items from the discussion are listed
below. Mostly for folks to review tickets so we can close them and move
one with 028-rc.

Action Items
    * everybody look at
    * nickm and dgoulet see if they have time to hang out when dgoulet
is around for libreplanet
    * isabela to write her thoughts on release-engineering this stuff,
and making broken things easier to revert
    * somebody open a ticket for a network-team mailing list : #18563 [DONE]
    * nickm will send an email about meeting times.
    * if you think something is in must-fix-before-028-rc and we can let
it slip, please comment on the ticket. [people worked on it after the
    * dgoulet, Sebastian, teor: please take another look at the ed25519
patch and see if I fixed the issues in #18318 and #17668 ?
    * let's see if we can get weasel (or somebody else) to review or
test my fix for #18253
    * nickm asks athena for ETA on bugfix.

== Next meeting and other updates:
    * I guess next meeting will depend on the results of the meeting
time poll - we will keep the list updated.
    * We are having a proposal discussion meeting tomorrow, Thursday
March 17th at 1500UTC - prop#267
    * We had a proposal discussion meeting today as well, Wednesday
March 16yh, on prop#224. You can check the log here:

PM at TorProject.org
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