[tor-dev] Core Tor / Network Team meeting time updates.

David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Wed Mar 16 18:18:37 UTC 2016

On 16 Mar (14:04:49), Nick Mathewson wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I've got a doodle poll open on http://doodle.com/poll/nvx26m4cxspryf3e
> to try to find the best time for a network team meeting.
> So far, it looks like our options are somewhat constrained, since we
> have people who are living from UTC-7 through UTC+11, and a wide range
> of time zones in between.
> (Karsten has said he's okay with us picking a time he can only-sorta
> make. Isabela claims she has no sleep schedule and can meet whenever.)
> In particular, we're going to have a hard time having both George and
> Teor on the same meeting, since whenever they're both available, all
> the west-coast-US people are asleep.  Asking people to start meetings
> before 0800 or after 2200 in their personal time zones is not IMO nice
> or okay, so let's not try to do that.
> So, my favorite option ("Find some magical time when everybody can
> make it")  is out.
> So, as I see it here are our options:
>   A. Pick a time when as many people as possible can attend.  Include
> people who can't make that time by doing one or more of these:
>      A1. Encourage everybody to catch up informally with everybody who
> can't attend.
>      A2. Work with the people who can't attend, and whoever has a
> schedule closest to theirs, to make sure that there is a supplemental
> topic meeting on topics of their joint interest.
>      A3. In addition to meetbot logs, keep minutes of the meetings and
> send them to tor-dev.

Only to avoid putting more stuff on Nick and Isa, I would argue that A is a
good option and if it's too difficult or annoying for the people that can
_not_ attend, we could simply change to B?

>   B. Try to pick two or more times such that everybody can make one or
> the other. Try to solve disconnectedness by doing one or more of
> these:
>      B1. Encourage everybody who can attend both to do so.
>      B2. Make Nick and Isabela attend both.
>      B3. Try to make sure there are at least 3 times, with several
> people shared pairwise between each.
>      B4. Minutes as above.
>   C. We all move to a nice tropical island.

If we are still failings, I'm also fine with C as long as we have good craft
beers on that island :D.


> Thoughts?  Especially from regular attendees or would-be-regular attendees?
> peace,
> -- 
> Nick
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