[tor-dev] How to build a Router that will only allow Tor users

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Tue Mar 15 17:10:19 UTC 2016

Am 2016-03-15 um 16:52 schrieb Martin Kepplinger:
> Hi,
> I try to configure OpenWRT in a way that it will only allow outgoing
> connections if it is Tor. Basically it is the opposite of "blacklisting
> exit relays on servers": "whitelisting (guard) relays for clients". It
> should *not* run Tor itself.
> A first test setup (onionoo document, ipset and iptables) kind of
> worked. It's definitely doable, but not totally trivial in the end.
> What did *not* work, was starting Torbrowser. That's a hard requirement,
> and before bebugging it through I ask: Do I miss something when I just
> allow outgoing connections to
>  * Guard,
>  * Authority,
>  * and HSDir flagged relays (do I *need* them? that's a different
> question probably)
> I don't restrict ports for now, even though I really should, and it's
> all only IPv4 addresses I care about for now, and I easily could just
> have OpenWRT configured wrongly, but:
> DNS is not an issue I think, what else could be?
> So far I only see Torbrowser talking to one Authority while starting.
> thanks
>                            martin

When I start up Torbrowser on a full network, switch to my "onion
router" while it's open, I *can* use it (and no other direct
connection). There is something I miss about Torbrowsers startup.


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