[tor-dev] Interested in GSoC opportunity

Deepankar Tyagi deepankar.tyagi at st.niituniversity.in
Tue Mar 8 06:05:03 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I am a computer science student at undergrad level, would love to
contribute to Tor, currently in the process of drafting the proposal.

This mail is an effort to seek guidance to define scope, goals and timeline
more clearly.

Currently interested in two ideas and plan to submit only one of these
based on feedback and guidance from mentors.

idea #1 Extending and Improving Krotor.

This is continuation of my last year GSoC project in which libevent and Tor
were ported to NaCl (a C/C++ sandbox environment on chrome), full detail
can be seen at https://deepankar.io/gsoc and https://deepankar.io/krotor.
It was later published on webstore and currently has close to 13k active

A lot of improvement can be made to this project, viz supporting
obfuscation, making it more user friendly, adding support for configuring
exit gates etc, updating it to latest stable release.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on various matters for instance:
making it more resistant to any privacy leaks such as dns leaks on webrtc
and on windows due to no global policy of dns etc.

I would be very grateful if anyone is willing to mentor for this.

idea #2 Exitmap Improvements

I got stuck when defining timeline for this project.
I would appreciate any insights regarding what should be deliverable by
mid-term of GSoC.

Also this project will a involve lot of brainstorming,  preferably with
mentor, is there a possibility of weekly/every two weeks session for an
hour or half hour with mentor on hangout/skype etc (at least in the

What would be preferred means to get/see progress reports and preferred
frequency of the same.

Some hyperlinks:
Github <https://github.com/codebuff> || LinkedIn
<https://www.linkedin.com/in/codebuff> || KroTor

Best Regards.

*Deepankar Tyagi*
*Projects & Resume : deepankar.io <https://deepankar.io>*
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