[tor-dev] TorBirdy (HTTP Proxy) [GSoC 2016]

Prakhar Pratyush pnation2020 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 00:56:28 UTC 2016


My name is Prakhar Pratyush. I've been working on this project- "Make
TorBirdy Better (HTTP Proxy)" for a few days. I have tried to understand
the project and I would like to discuss a few things.

At present, what TorBirdy does is- it configures ThunderBird to access the
internet through a proxy SOCKSv5 server provided by Tor Bundle.

So, are we trying to design an standalone HTTP Proxy which will directly
connect to Tor network entry point without needing entire Tor bundle or are
we just trying to design an intermediatery  HTTP Proxy which will then
connect to Tor SOCKSv5 proxy using some form of tunneling or Masqueranding.

Prakhar Pratyush
3rd year, IIT Roorkee
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