[tor-dev] Questions regarding the future of families

Brian "redbeard" Harrington redbeard at coreos.com
Fri Mar 4 18:34:26 UTC 2016

For a few months I've been tracking this ticket:


Regarding the state of family support.  I've been working on a project
which could be used to expand the number of running relays and have been
trying to find the best way to coordinate this so as to make it both
obvious who the operator is (which can be done with contact info) as well
as to help users avoid building circuits within these related nodes.

In the vein of "playing nicely" with the network my concern is that when
running large scale infrastructure one needs to minimize the number of
moving pieces possible. Ideally this would allow me (in the best case
scenario) to supply a static family identifier en masse minimizing the need
for managed configurations.

In the worst case scenario (that of an entity trying to launch a sybil
attack) the administrator would not even attempt to populate this so as to
try and appear as separate nodes in the network.

Do folks have suggestions on the best way to "play nice" here?

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