[tor-dev] is the consensus document unpredictable / unique?

Ivan Markin twim at riseup.net
Sun Jun 26 13:55:03 UTC 2016

> And if the private key is on a smartcard, and the smartcard is plugged
> in the host all the time, what's the gain? I am not saying there isn't
> any, I just don't see it at this moment. One I can think of is that
> malware and/or someone hacking can't copy the private key and hijack the
> hidden service, but the risk remains in case someone physically sizes
> the server ("host").

Not necessarily. If you do a setup which drops power for the smartcard
in case of seizure* (disconnects it) then you're going to be safeā„¢. You
have to have a PIN-protected card for this to work.

* A bit tricky, I know.
Ivan Markin

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