[tor-dev] Freenet + Onioncat: Is the traffic welcome?

konstant at mail2tor.com konstant at mail2tor.com
Thu Jun 23 16:10:10 UTC 2016

[konstant] arma: Do you give this a thumbs up?
[arma] not necessarily? how much traffic is it?
[arma] "just add more traffic" mostly hurts tor, alas
[arma] since it doesn't really improve security, and it slows it down
[arma] if we had a way to add more traffic in a way that helped, that
would be grand
[konstant] arma: I can't give an exact estimate without working metrics.
Freenet has 10KiB/s minimum bandwidth requirement. Optimistically the max.
number of nodes in Tor will be around a hundred
[konstant] Does this land on the heavy side?
[arma] konstant: so 1MB/s of traffic. that's not so bad really. if a few
of those freenode nodes set themselves up as tor relays, it would balance
[arma] the main rule is that if you're going to add traffic to tor, run
some relays to match
[arma] for hidden services, that's 1MB/s of traffic onto 6 places, so 6MB/s
[konstant] I know the seednodes will have 24/7 uptime so they are good
relay candidates
[konstant] Imma post your responses on the dev ML for posterity

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