[tor-dev] Freenet + Onioncat: Is the traffic welcome?

konstant at mail2tor.com konstant at mail2tor.com
Wed Jun 22 16:23:11 UTC 2016

I posted steps on how to connect Freenet nodes over Onioncat and Garlicat
for Tor/I2P. I am looking to scale it into an Opennet inside Tor with a
lot of peers:


Is the extra traffic desirable in Tor? Reading asn's comment, I was under
the impression that you are interested in adding higher latency traffic
such as Freenet or mixnets for better anonymity:

Using both projects in tandem can finally realize the vision of FreeHaven.
You are the best at firewall circumvention, performance and accessing the
web, Freenet supplies users with censorship resistant publishing and p2p
services. There is a HotPETs 16 paper co-authored by George Danezis on
renewing interest in anonymous storage networks:


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