[tor-dev] adding smartcard support to Tor

Razvan Dragomirescu razvan.dragomirescu at veri.fi
Fri Jun 3 19:42:14 UTC 2016

Hey Evan, your hidden service appears to be down. Are there any mirrors of
the code or can you bring it back online? My project is starting to take
shape (took your advice and I'm using OpenPGP for now - may move to my own
implementation in the future, but I want to create a small MVP ASAP).


Razvan Dragomirescu
Chief Technology Officer
Cayenne Graphics SRL

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 11:25 PM, Evan Margin <twim at riseup.net> wrote:

> Hey Razvan and tor-dev@!
> Razvan Dragomirescu:
> > I wanted to revisit this subject and actually start writing some
> > code, but it looks like Ivan Markin's GitHub account is gone,
> > together with all the code there. Ivan, are your modifications to
> > OnionBalance still available anywhere?
> Thanks for your interest!
> Yeap, GitHub told me someday that I'm blocked because of my
> suspiciousness. Since then I moved my repos to a lil' cgit box that is
> available over the onions [1].
> So the code you're looking for is at `keycity` branch at [2]. Also you
> need to fetch a pythonic package called `keycity` from [3]. Basically
> `keycity` is a kind of abstraction to use keys from
> keyfiles/smartcards/whatever in the same manner. It depends on `pyscard`
> for SW codes handling and as a `pcscd` bindings. It also can use
> `scdaemon` from GnuPG if you don't want to use `pcsc-lite` for some reason.
> Please note that this version of OnionBalance uses different config
> layout and other incompatibilities I can't recall. Also note that
> despite the fact that smartcard support works fine for me it may not do
> the same for you.
> For me Python packaging is a total mess with TMF (Too Many Files) as
> well as scripts/interpreter themselves. TMF makes everything to be
> really slow on machines running from flash cards (USB sticks, or BBB,
> Raspberry Pi, Soekris). This led me to develop `avant` [4][5] to which
> I'm going to add smartcard support someday soon (when there will be free
> software Go bindings for `pcsc-lite` that is not GPL'ed).
> So I want to say that my OnionBalance fork is not maintained and will
> not be. But I can help you out if you have troubles with crafting
> the installation of it.
> [1] http://hartwellnogoegst.onion/
> [2] http://hartwellnogoegst.onion/onionbalance
> [3] http://hartwellnogoegst.onion/keycity-py
> [4] http://hartwellnogoegst.onion/avant
> [5]
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-onions/2016-April/000132.html
> --
> Happy hacking!
> Ivan Markin
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