[tor-dev] Onioncat and Prop224

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 16:40:19 UTC 2016

Hi Jeremy.

In regard your post 'Tor and Namecoin' here...

In this thread prefixed 'Onioncat and Prop224' started and
spanning from here through now...

Onioncat is interested in finding way to extend IPv6 addressing
past prop224 for use by IPv6 native user applications.

There are some purely internal ideas for that. Yet to extent
an internal tor+onioncat solution may be difficult,
onioncat may need to develop or shell out to a non-native
mapping and lookup layer. Namecoin has been mentioned
among prebuilt potential solutions.

Note clearly namecoin usage here *not* for human DNS style
naming such as myeasyname.onion. But as a mapping between
crypto key of onion (descriptor, hsdir, etc) and character string
of (in format of) IPv6 address for use in IP / tunnel addressing.

And most certainly any external layer must be capable of having
nodes binding natively in the Tor / I2P / etc networks, and
preferably being strictly private entirely within them (like how
private Tor / I2P / Bitcoin nets can be deployed by generating
new authorities, keys, genesis, etc). Outproxy is not an option.

It's also not ideal to be expending resources on mining
whereas other form of simpler distributed registry network
may suffice onioncat purpose.

Anyhow, fyi as to this thread and any ideas / collab :)

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