[tor-dev] prop224: Ditching key blinding for shorter onion addresses

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Sat Jul 30 18:44:27 UTC 2016

George Kadianakis:
> this is an experimental mail meant to address legitimate usability concerns
> with the size of onion addresses after proposal 224 gets implemented. It's
> meant for discussion and it's far from a full blown proposal.

Taking a step back here, I believe the size of the address to be a
really minor usability problem. IPv6 adressses are 128 bits long, and
plenty of people in this world now access content via IPv6. It's not a
usability problem because they use a naming—as opposed to
addressing—scheme to learn about the appropriate IPv6 address.

While I do think we should think of nicer representation for the new
addresses than base32, and we should adress that, working on a naming
system sounds like an easier way out to improve onion services
usability than asking people to remember random addresses (be them 16 or
52 characters-long).

(I now plenty of people who type “riseup” in the Google search bar of
their browser to access their mailbox… They don't even want to/can't remember
an URL. Hardly a chance they will remember an onion address, whatever
its size.)

Maybe it would be worthwhile to ask the UX team for input on the topic?

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