[tor-dev] [GSoC] CONIKS for Tor Messenger - status report #5

Huy Vu Quoc huyvq.c633 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 01:38:50 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

These are things that I have been doing in the last two weeks:

- I and my mentors have had a discussions for next steps for the
project. We decided to reorganize our project’s repo [1]. All repos
has been merged into one [1]. This helps us maintain and keep tracking
the development easier.

- A lot of issues and PRs have been resolved/merged. The merkletree
library is almost done for now.

- Thanks for Ismail and Arlo’s suggestions, the client library for
crypto verifications (including the VRF verification, Ed25519
signature verification, auth path verification and so on) is
implemented in Go and compiled with `c-shared` build mode [2]. This
library then will be wrapped with js-ctypes to use in the add-on. I
have successfully loaded the library into the add-on in Linux
machines. There’s still some problem since Tor Messenger for OS X is
compiled from a Linux machine, while the library is compiled from
macOS, then when loading the library into Tor Messenger for OS X, Tor
Messenger may crash. We will probably dig deeper on this issue.
Windows’ DLL version of the library also should be taken care.

Next steps are mostly to focus on the client-side, along with
finishing the server reference implementation. Here’s thing I expect
in the next weeks:
- Merge the server-registration and registration-bots PR.
- Merge the coniks-preference PR.
- Merge the PR of client library.
- Submit PR for client registration and lookup.

I also expect to have a working version of project before August 15,
including the functions which I described in my proposal.


[1] https://github.com/coniks-sys/coniks-go
[2] https://github.com/coniks-sys/coniks-go/tree/client-cgo

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