[tor-dev] [network-team] [doodle poll] Meeting to discuss guard proposal draft status

isis agora lovecruft isis at torproject.org
Wed Jul 6 03:44:25 UTC 2016

George Kadianakis transcribed 1.6K bytes:
> Hello!
> With Nick we settled on Thursday at 14:00 UTC as the time for this meeting!
> The plan is to finish the meeting in strictly less than 90 minutes.

Hey George, Hey Everyone,

If we do it Thursday at 16:00 UTC (or later), I could attend, but not before,
since I will be on a flight.  If it works out better for everyone else to have
it at 14:00 instead, then that's also fine with me and please just let me know
afterwards what I can do to help.

Best regards,
 ♥Ⓐ isis agora lovecruft
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