[tor-dev] A meta-package for Pluggable Transports?

Valentin Sundermann me at vsund.de
Tue Jul 5 15:28:25 UTC 2016

> I've heard that the Chinese government tests suspected bridges by
> attempting to connect to them and seeing if they respond to the Tor
> protocol. Whether China is actually doing this or not, it would not be a
> terribly difficult thing for any competent censor to do.
It was probably the talk from Philipp Winter at the 32c3. Just for
reference on this list or people who find it interesting.

I think there is no general answer for what should be the default
config/setup for a bridge. Maybe a (ncurses) menu at the install would
be the best.
The menu could inform new bridge operators about what is good/bad and
why or even what types of proxies are currently needed more. Or provide
at least a link to a wiki article (which should be written :))


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