[tor-dev] Fingerprint Central - Testers needed!

Pierre Laperdrix pierre.laperdrix at irisa.fr
Tue Jul 5 15:19:42 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

As part of my GSOC project, the beta for Fingerprint Central is finally
live! Here is the link:


For the moment, we are interested in testing the core feature of the
project which is the collection of fingerprints. Other features are in
development and will be added when they are ready (notably, the
statistics page).

There are two main pages available now:
- "View my fingerprint": On this page, you can execute the tests that
have been added in Fingerprint Central. If you have JavaScript enabled,
you can use the Dashboard to see the generated data and review them
before you send it to our server. The "%" column indicates the
percentage of collected fingerprints that share the same value as you.
- "Tor": This page will give you several advice related to Tor
guidelines and will try to detect the level of your security slider.

We are interested in feedback and bug reports! If you feel something is
missing or is not right, tell us so that we can improve the website.
Unfortunately, we don't have data to correctly kickstart the database so
the percentage shown to the first users won't be really interesting.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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