[tor-dev] [GSOC 16] Ahmia status update #3

Nurmi, Juha juha.nurmi at ahmia.fi
Sun Jul 3 08:08:56 UTC 2016

Thanks for the status update. You are doing great work!


On Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 3:55 PM, Ismael R <zma at riseup.net> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm working on ahmia.fi, the hidden service search engine and you're
> reading status update #3.
> Since last time, I've been moving forward with the django "rewrite".
> A little context: The current main goal of the project is too regroup
> all data related to search into our elasticsearch index (sites content,
> tor2web stats) so we can use it to give better search results.
> Since I'm focusing on the django part, I'm removing a lot of search
> logic which is now done by elasticsearch. For instance, banned websites
> will be store in our main index and elasticsearch will filter them
> before returning search results. This is a different behaviour from
> now, where banned websites are stored in a PostgreSQL database and
> filtered at the django level.
> I'm also taking advantage of this rewrite to accomplish the following
> goals:
> - Compartimentalize what should be in apps : I plan to do three apps :
> search, stats and api
> - Remove deprecated code/files
> - Remove every linter error/warning : I worked on this one, but some
> warning could not be remove without a rewrite.
> - Update django version : We are using Django 1.7 which is not
> supported anymore.
> - Use a more coherent url scheme (while keeping retro-compatibility)
> - Use a more coherent API behaviour (also while keeping retro-
> compatibility)
> - Write more tests to verify correctness
> After this rewrite, we will have three apps in our Django website:
> Search will focus on pages related to search results, querying our
> index to get results.
> It will be later improved with !bang syntax or some other keywords to
> specify a date range, a specific .onion website, etc.
> Stats will focus on statistic visualization (most popular .onion, etc).
> It could be later improved with a "Ahmia trend" interface to view
> searches over time.
> Api will focus on the API part of the website. I have a couple ideas
> but will discuss them in a later report.
> During the next two weeks, I will continue my work on this rewrite.
> See you in two weeks :)
> Ismael
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