[tor-dev] Release: obfs4proxy-0.0.6

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Mon Jan 25 14:38:18 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I just tagged obfs4proxy-0.0.6.  There aren't many significant changes,
and the internal changes primarily affect the client side
initialization, so those of you that are perfectly content with
obfs4proxy-0.0.5 can continue to use the existing version without issue.


Changes in version 0.0.6 - 2016-01-25:

 - Delay transport factory initialization till after logging has been

 - Add a meek client implementation (WARNING: Does not support using a
   helper to normalize TLS signatures).  The brave people that want to
   use it can do so as the "meek_lite" transport, with identical bridge
   lines to the real meek-client.

   This means "It's blatantly obvious that you're using a HTTPS client
   written in Go because the ClientHello is rather distinctive".  The
   benefit is that it is a lot easier to package than meek-client + the
   external helper, and this can probably save binary size on things
   like Android.

   An example bridge line would be:

     Bridge meek_lite url=https://meek-reflect.appspot.com/ front=www.google.com

   It has received moderate testing when I was on a business trip, and
   appears to function as intended, given the design constraints.

There are minor internal API changes (which caused issues delaying the
release) motivated by "meek's behavior is unlike most other
transports" but I expect such things to be straight forward to those
that actually hack on the code.

Thanks to the person on Github for filing a pull request which saved me
time debugging.


Yawning Angel
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