[tor-dev] Next version of the algorithm

Ola Bini obini at thoughtworks.com
Wed Feb 17 08:18:20 UTC 2016


> Returning to this for a bit. I think it would be good to decide whether we
> should keep the unreachable status of guards on permannet disk state or
> not. The
> very latest prop259 basically forgets the unreachable guard status as soon as
> the algorithm terminates. I wonder if we actually want this. Hopefully guardsim
> has a simulation scenario that will illustrate whether that's a good idea or
> not.
Agreed. I don't know if you saw it, but in the new proposal I have an
XXX for exactly that.

> Maybe an equivalent heuristic would be that if we are in STATE_RETRY_ONLY and
> we manage to connect to a non-primary guard, we hang up the connection, and go
Maybe. Should we do this only in STATE_RETRY_ONLY or for the UTOPIC
and DYSTOPIC states as well?

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