[tor-dev] Next version of the algorithm

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Mon Feb 15 14:15:59 UTC 2016

Ola Bini <obini at thoughtworks.com> writes:

> Hi again,
> Here is the newest version of the algorithm:
> https://gist.github.com/olabini/343da01de8e01491bf5c

Thanks! Looks better!

I think we are reaching the point that we need good simulations and actually
running and stepping through the algorithm with actual data to find issues and
suboptimalities. And maybe we also need to get a third person familiar with
guards to review it.

BTW, I noticed you removed the "we received a new consensus" part. That's fine
for now, but I think it should be added back at some point maybe as a separate
event. I like the work done by rjunior and chelsea here:
and I think the events described are quite close to the Tor networking API. So
it might be worth having this algorithm mirror that event structure.

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