[tor-dev] Applications team prep for Valencia

Isabela isabela at riseup.net
Sat Feb 13 14:50:06 UTC 2016

Hello there!

As we approach our 2016 Winter Tor's Dev Meeting in Valencia [1], I am
trying to help the different teams prep for discussions we will have there.

I hope the Applications team take some time to review your retrospective
notes[2] to see what the team have done from that list and what it
haven't. Also, to think about other points that could help improve the
team organization process. We hope to have another retrospective session
in Valencia and that will help prep for it.

Another exercise I would like each dev team that plans to be in Valencia
to do is to review the roadmaps they created in Berlin. We will be
planning another 6 months roadmap (from Winter Dev meeting till Summer
Dev meeting), it will be useful for the meeting to look at what you
planned, what got done, what you want to carry on for this next 6months
we will be planning and what you think its better to drop or leave for

I added Tor Browser and Tor Messenger roadmaps to the Applications wiki
page [3].

I plan on adding other Applications dev teams stuff there too, if you
need help finding the roadmap you did you let me know.

Or if you need help with anything else. I am available on IRC as well if
you have questions.






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