[tor-dev] Propsal 263 Quantum-safe Hybrid handshake for Tor, updated feature request v1.2

Tim Wilson-Brown - teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 20:58:09 UTC 2016

> On 9 Feb 2016, at 02:56, Zhenfei Zhang <zzhang at securityinnovation.com> wrote:
> Also in the discussion we were talking about the possibility of using non-product form
> polynomial version of NTRUEncrypt, as this version will become patent free by Aug 2017,
> while the patent for product form will last for another 4 years. The main concern is that
> Debian will not allow patented software in the package.  However, through our discussion,
> it turns out that we may be able to include this proposal in the next one of two release of
> Tor. From this point of view, both patent (basic NTRU patent, till 2017 and product form
> patent, till 2021) are going to be an issue if Debian does not agree with SI's patent statement.
> So does it make sense to keep the product form polynomials as they enables roughly 3
> times faster operations on both client side and server side?

I think our priority must be consistency across platforms, rather than performance.
(Personally, I really wish NTRU wasn't patented, regardless of the open-source patent grant,
then we wouldn't have to be concerned about this.)

As discussed in the meeting last week:
* we have to standardise on one algorithm,
* many tor relays are on debian,
* if debian-legal declines the patent grant for either form, tor won't be able to use that form of NTRU on debian,
* and if that is so, tor will have to choose a different form or algorithm.

So it's really up to debian-legal, who I assume we've asked or will be asking.


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