[tor-dev] Configuration of tor relay using setup files (use of API via Tor Expert Bundle)

Nathan Bliss blissnd at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 7 15:44:35 UTC 2016


Is there a way to configure a bridge in tor (e.g. meek) via the config files from the command line without having to use the GUI in the Tor browser? I've been searching for documentation on this, so if I've missed it I would be grateful for a pointer to where this is in the docs... I found something about the torrc but this was an option for configuring a tor server node as a bridge whereas I want to configure the bridge as a client (in client mode).

I need to do this in order to have automation scripts working with search engines such as google. Google always seems to be able to detect http connection via a script or via the tor interface running in standard mode. Only a client connection via google-meek bridge seems to work and I'm looking for a way to do this via the tor stem API or via the config files.

If this feature isn't currently exposed as an API hook, I'd be happy to contribute this feature to the source code if someone can give me a few pointers as I'm new to the project and haven't yet seen any of the source [&#X1f60a]

Many thanks,

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