[tor-dev] (no subject)

Christian Sturm reezer at reezer.org
Thu Feb 4 09:07:31 UTC 2016


a while ago I set up a BSD buildbot for tor[1]. It's actually not just
for BSDs, but also for other systems, such as Solaris. I wanted to make
it easier to notice when something breaks on non-popular systems, not
actively used by the developers.

There also is reporting through an IRC bot and I wanted to ask if it
would be interesting to have it report there. Currently it just lurks in
there and lacks the permission to report build failures. So it would be
great if the user 'bsdbuildbot' could get those permissions.

I was wondering whether this is something that developers are interested
in and if so what kind of reporting they'd like to have. Currently (if
it would be allowed to) it would report individual build failures and
success, but of course if that's too noisy could also change to just
notify when this changes.

Thanks to weasel there also is a FreeBSD builder for Jenkins. However
that's only FreeBSD for now. The buildbot already has some other
operating systems as build slaves and it's rather simple to set it up.


[1] http://buildbot.pixelminers.net/

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