[tor-dev] Want to help in community team

Carolin Zöbelein contact at carolin-zoebelein.de
Mon Feb 1 23:06:58 UTC 2016

Want to help in community team => Question: Is this the right mailing
list for this? 


for several weeks I have already watched the goings-on at Tor (irc,
blog, wiki, ...). Now I decided to say hello.

I'm a very creative and autistic artist, satirist (writing),
photographer, physicist, ... . Caused by some talent I work as
mathematical adviser and now I'm also studying math to pretend more
professionalism. Also I do what I call "creative (crazy)
Nerd-consultant" after I didn't found an already existing job title
which describes what I do. People say: "You are extremely strange, crazy
and creative" and I thought I should use this.

Sadly I'm not the best programmer although I earned my money with it in
the past. Or better I'm able to code but I prefer to spend my time with
math or other creative work. It just makes more fun.

I think I'm best suited into the community team with my skills. But I'm
also open for other tasks of course ;-).

> Monday, 18.01.2016, Georg Koppen <gk at torproject.org>:
> Hi,
> I realized recently that there seem to be no community team meetings
> anymore (is that the case or am I just missing something?). At least
> in #tor-outreach. Nor are there status reports sent to tor-reports.
> Is there any other way to get to know what the community team is
> currently discussing/planning/concerned with?
> Georg
> _______________________________________________
> tor-project mailing list
> tor-project at lists.torproject.org
> https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-project

That's a good question. In particular for new people like me.

What's the typical way to get involved in the community team?

I hope I'm not too crazy for Tor people and don't know if and how I can

So that's enough for a public mail.




URL: http://www.carolin-zoebelein.de
E-mail: contact at carolin-zoebelein.de
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