[tor-dev] non-anonymous ephemeral onion services with stem

Micah Lee micah at micahflee.com
Wed Dec 28 20:19:17 UTC 2016

On 12/28/2016 09:39 AM, Damian Johnson wrote:
> Oops, great catch - thanks Micah! Added a note saying how to use them...
> "Version 1.5: Added support for non-anonymous services. To do so set
> 'HiddenServiceSingleHopMode 1' and 'HiddenServiceNonAnonymousMode 1'
> in your torrc."

Excellent. I'm pretty sure this will work, but can you confirm? If I'd
like to use a non-anonymous ephemeral onion service, would code that's
something like this work, assuming c is a Controller?

c.set_conf('HiddenServiceSingleHopMode', 1)
c.set_conf('HiddenServiceNonAnonymousMode', 1)

And when other processes connect to the Tor control port and run
create_ephemeral_hidden_service, those onion services wouldn't be

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