[tor-dev] Flashproxy has been Deactivated by Stanford? Why?

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Mon Dec 19 19:55:00 UTC 2016

David Fifield wrote:
> The reason I haven't asked people to stop running the flash proxy badge
> is we're working on a new pluggable transport along the same lines but
> without the usability challenges:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/Snowflake. I was
> thinking about adapting existing flash proxy badges to provide capacity
> to Snowflake instead. This would go for Cupcake as well. The need to 
> get
> the badge running again hasn't been pressing because Snowflake isn't
> deployed yet, but we're getting close.

   I'm working on incorporating Snowflake into Cupcake before Snowflake 
is added to Tor Browser.  Cupcake still has a flash proxy client (only), 
but obviously this is not particularly useful right now.  Not sure 
whether I'll just switch entirely to Snowflake or keep the legacy flash 
proxy support as an option in case it comes back into use.  The way it 
shook out, Cupcake users only wound up contributing ~6mb a day at most 
because there are many more Cupcake users than people who were using the 
flash proxy option on Tor Browser.  With Snowflake, the balance might 
shift a bit, so it will be interesting to see what happens there. =)


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