[tor-dev] Can I modify obfs4 proxy code for my purpose?

trmobid at tutanota.com trmobid at tutanota.com
Fri Dec 16 14:17:20 UTC 2016


I have some questions about modifying codes.

1. I wanna build a password protected obfs4 proxy sever with my VPS. 
I don't need that much privacy in terms of MITM for this. 
I just wanna know if it is ok to build such server in Tor network.

2.I wanna overrides some Javascript API with add-on. but...
I just tried this with latest Torbrowser. it seems like I can't overrides some API's. 
Because same add-on I made worked on normal Firefox browser.  
I wanna avoid some fingerprint tracking recently discovered.  
Is there any reason to block overrides by add-on? 
Or am I missing something?
I wanna know which is best way to do this. add-on or Torbrowser itself.  


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