[tor-dev] automatically detect many new identical/similar bridges

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Wed Dec 14 10:09:00 UTC 2016


in the context of [1] I'm wondering if it makes sense to add bridge
support to ornetradar.

If there is any value to automatically detect multiple new bridges:

- Do bridges publish ContactInfo in their descriptor? If not: Why not?
(it shouldn't disclose their bridge location)

another raw idea:

- would the bridge auth be willing to publish a randomly generated AS
identifier (regenerated daily) that allows new bridges added on the same
day to be grouped by that identifier without directly disclosing the AS

Note: This introduces a confirmation opportunity, where attackers can
learn the AS in which a new bridge is added if they added a bridge in
the same AS on the same day. To reduce this problem it could be a hourly
generated identifier.



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