[tor-dev] Some information about Tor relays

Liu, Zhuotao zliu48 at illinois.edu
Fri Aug 26 01:42:38 UTC 2016

Hi Folks,

This is Sky from University of Illinois. Currently we are working on research project related with Tor.

To help us to better design and evaluation our proposal, we need some information about the Tor relays that is currently unavailable from the Atlas. Thus, if someone who operates Tor relays could provide us such information, your help will be greatly appreciated. :)

We hope to have an estimate about computation capacity of Tor relays. For instance, how many circuits a relay can maintain when its CPU is driven to about 100%? On average, how many circuits are maintained by a busy guard and what the CPU utilization is. These kinds of information would be really helpful.

Further, in Sep 2013, Tor saw a spike in its clients.
The suspicion is that a botnet used Tor as its C&C channel. Is there any data about the relay utilization during that time? For instance, how many more circuits a relay had to maintain during that time?

Thanks a lot for your help. :)

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