[tor-dev] [GSOC16] Fingerprint Central - Status report n°6

Pierre Laperdrix pierre.laperdrix at irisa.fr
Fri Aug 12 16:53:58 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

Here is my sixth status report for my GSOC project.
Repository: https://github.com/plaperdr/fp-central
Beta: https://fpcentral.irisa.fr

1- Development of the "Acceptable" feature
When a user sends his fingerprint to the server, he can now see for each
attribute if the collected value is "acceptable" or not (i.e., if it is
an expected one). If the server returns that a value is not an
acceptable one, this means that it is something to investigate. Does it
come from a simple misconfiguration of the browser or could it be a
genuine difference between TBB browsers that should be fixed? Right now,
it is a simple Yes/No answer but I'll add more feedback so that a user
understands the information that is presented.

2- i18n support with documentation
I have finished the FR version of the website. Not everything is
localized since some libraries I use for the front-end are only in
English but the majority of FP Central is now translatable. I have
written a small guide if anyone wants to contribute
(https://github.com/plaperdr/fp-central/tree/master/translations). The
process is pretty simple: you generate a file that references all the
strings that need to be translated and you complete it with your

3- Multiple bug fixes and improvements
I fixed multiple bugs in the customStats page that were caused by the
way I structured data in the page and it should be much smoother now.
I'm sure other bugs are lurking in the code so do not hesitate to visit
the beta website and report to me any bugs you may find.

In terms of features, I have normally developed everything I wrote in my
proposal. So my focus for the final stretch of the coding period is to
clean the code, fix bugs, improve the website and write even more
documentation. I'll also start planning the post-GSOC period to see what
interesting features could be added in the future and to make sure that
FP Central is ready for prime time for users and developers.

Have a great week-end,

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