[tor-dev] [rfc] Usability Improvements for Atlas

tordev123 at Safe-mail.net tordev123 at Safe-mail.net
Wed Aug 3 14:22:18 UTC 2016

IMO, your improvements make the user experience much worse. The current version is far more space efficient, your new versions wastes giant amounts of screen space.

> * There is no super-wide list of relays that doesn't fit even into Tor
> Browser window (panels instead with upstatus indication)

The important stuff does fit, usually no scrolling is required.

> * Updated navigation bar with new version of Bootstrap

Takes up more space with no usability improvement.

> * Stretching of the graphs

They disappear with TBB set to high security.

> P.S. Some of functions like list sorting, display range, detailed search
> and maybe more are broken/gone now. I'm wondering if these functions are
> useful?

Yes, they are useful.

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