[tor-dev] Summer of Privacy Application | Rohit Dua

Rohit Dua 8ohit.dua at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 11:58:59 UTC 2016


I recently knew about this years Tor summer of code. Although the date of
application is gone, I would like to ask if I could still manage to get
into the program. I'm interested in working on Tor technology.
If not officially with the summer of code, could I work as an remote intern
in any of the projects which were not chosen by other selected students for
summer of code.

I have previously successfully completed Google Summer of Code with
Mediawiki in 2014 and The Honeynet Project in 2015.
Currently I'm in my final year of college.

If any such thing is possible please let me know, I will send my proposal
right away.

Waiting for your reply
Rohit Dua
Delhi, India
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