[tor-dev] Tor Browser Bundle on musl libc systems

Daniel Simon ddanielsimonn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:24:22 UTC 2016


the Tor Browser Bundle binaries available at
https://dist.torproject.org/torbrowser/5.5.4/ do not run on
musl-libc-based systems, like Void Linux, Alpine Linux, and other
Linux distributions.
I believe that's the case because the Tor Browser Bundle binaries are
compiled dynamically to glibc, making them fail when ran on systems
that any other libc.
I'm sending this message to the Tor mailing list and to the Musl
mailing list, so we can together find a solution.

I think there are 4 possible solutions:
- the tor developers can provide binaries built with musl libc
- the tor developers can provided statically compiled binaries (with
any libc, but musl is especially good for this). These statically
compiled binaries would run on any system independently of the libc.
- the musl libc developers could identify why the binaries fail on
musl and try to add compatibility
- Linux distributions that use musl libc could figure out how to
compile the Tor Browser Bundle from source and provide binaries

What does everyone think about these possible solutions? Which one is
the best? Are there any others you can think about?

Thanks for everyone's time,
D. Simon

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