[tor-dev] meek-server performance improvements?

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Mon Apr 25 05:02:23 UTC 2016

I saw you say on IRC that you had an idea for improving the efficiency
of meek-server. What's your idea? The server hosting meek-azure is
passing 90% CPU at times.

One idea I've seen is using one connection for upstream data
(data-carrying POSTs, emptry responses), and one connection for
downstream data (GET, one big chunked download). As I understand it,
this is what Lantern's enproxy does:
So far I've avoided this idea because of the possibly weird traffic

I've also done some preliminary work on allowing the server to send data
in larger chunks, which should reduce polling:
All that's really needed here is a decision on how to let the client
indicate that it supports such a server, as the change is backward

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