[tor-dev] putting 'Nuke MyFamily' to vote (#6676)

Virgil Griffith i at virgil.gr
Sun Apr 17 05:45:19 UTC 2016

We'd obviously lose some connections if we lost MyFamily.  And I'd prefer
not to lose them.  However, if there's other needs which require the nuking
of MyFamily, my/Roster's world would not end.


On Sunday, 17 April 2016, Tim Wilson-Brown - teor <teor2345 at gmail.com>

> > On 16 Apr 2016, at 17:13, Virgil Griffith <i at virgil.gr <javascript:;>>
> wrote:
> >
> > I'm not wholly in favor of keeping MyFamily in its current form.  In
> Roster we simply need a way to identify when two relays are owned by the
> same operator.  Worst comes to worst we could use the email address in the
> ContactInfo, or some such.
> Some operators use a variant email address or ContactInfo for each relay,
> although these are in the minority.
> Others don't have any ContactInfo at all.
> I'm not sure whether any of these relays declare MyFamily or not, I'd have
> to check.
> I'd like to know how many relay associations we'd lose in the current
> network by removing MyFamily before we make a decision.
> > There have been proposals to do more creative signature schemes for
> MyFamily ownership.  This would also be a satisfactory solution.
> I wonder if this kind of complexity would be worth it.
> Do we gain much over the current system by using a signature scheme?
> (Apart from making large families shorter and easier to administer, at the
> cost of making small families longer.)
> > In summary, my world would not end if MyFamily ceased to exist----we'd
> simply use the ContactInfo for family membership.  Obviously family
> membership then becomes spoofable, but perhaps who cares?
> It makes some difference for fallback directories, where we use a
> combination of family, contact, and IP to work out which relays are more
> likely to go down at the same time.
> I also wonder about the impact on path selection and client security -
> even an honest operator can have their relays compromised or be compelled
> to provide information.
> Tim
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