[tor-dev] Configuring Single Onion Services

Ivan Markin twim at riseup.net
Tue Apr 12 01:04:58 UTC 2016

Tim Wilson-Brown - teor:
> We tried adding NonAnonymous to the name, and it was unwieldy. And it
> also confuses the semantics: what if we have multiple types of
> SingleOnionMode?

If we do have multiple types of SingleOnionMode we should specify this
type as a value to NonAnonymousOnionServiceMode option (or so). Why not?

Sorry for my bias towards NonAnonymousOnions but SingleOnion really
confuses me.

> Also, see my reply to David, where I explain that NonAnonymousMode
> applies to the entire tor instance, including things that are totally
> unrelated to Single Onion Services, like whether you can open a
> SOCKSPort or run Tor2Web.

That's why I propose to use "NonAnonymousOnionServiceMode 1" instead of
just "NonAnonymousMode 1".

> We could add a compilation option --enable-single-onion-mode instead
> of NonAnonymousMode, but I think making Single Onion Service
> operators compile their own tor is unnecessary.

Gosh, it would be really inconvenient and nontransparent. And error-prone.

Ivan Markin

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