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> Hi all,
> I am working on a project that needs to do some modifications on the source code of Tor, to add functionalities to Tor relay. To debug I used chutney to setup Tor network locally, and checked the logs of the relay. But it is still painful and slow: I need to restart the script, and wait the network to be up every time I make changes. My question is: is there any fast way to test/debug the functionalities of Tor relay?

It depends what feature you're working on.

We typically write unit tests to test individual functions or well-defined components.
See tor/src/test for the existing source files.
The unit tests can be run using "make test" or for a more comprehensive set, "make check".
You can even run individual tests by running the test binary with the test name.

chutney is slow, but it's used for whole-program and whole-network integration tests.


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