[tor-dev] iObfs: obfs4proxy on iOS

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Mon Apr 4 04:22:07 UTC 2016

On Mon, Apr 04, 2016 at 12:04:45AM -0400, Mike Tigas wrote:
> [again, cross-posted to tor-dev and guardian-dev.]
> A quick status report on this: it works! Hit a big epiphany, figured out
> how to get `gomobile` to emit the necessary bits, then went wild.
> Some example stdout from Onion Browser connecting to Tor via obfs4,
> meek_lite (google), and scramblesuit:
> https://gist.github.com/mtigas/f1b9a3a8befa6f60d517eb2340f3cdd4
> There are trivial forks of obfs4[1] and goptlib[2] that simply hard-code
> some options that are normally sent as environment variables because
> obfs4proxy runs in managed mode[3]. (It's the best I have right now
> until I can figure out a better way to communicate between obfs4proxy
> and the iOS bits.) I’ve tacked a few other quick thoughts at the bottom
> of the iObfs readme[4]. As a quick test I've started building it into
> Onion Browser (iobfs branch[5]), which is what got the output linked above.
> [1]:
> https://github.com/mtigas/obfs4/compare/1df5c8ffe8f4aa2614323698e8008f1ab1fb7a18...mtigas:iObfs-201604-dev
> [2]:
> https://github.com/mtigas/goptlib/compare/f17a5f239f705d7e39a8bccbebdf9927cc99dbeb...mtigas:iObfs-201604-dev

This is radical. Maybe you don't need the fork of goptlib if you do
os.Setenv on the relevant variables before calling pt.ClientSetup in

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