[tor-dev] 0.2.8 triage at dev meeting!

isis isis at torproject.org
Fri Sep 25 09:57:39 UTC 2015

Isabela transcribed 3.3K bytes:
> To help with the triage we are asking everyone to add the following
> information to tickets you think should be part of 0.2.8

Thanks for organising this, Isa! <3

>   * keyword field: 0.2.8.x-triage

I've added 028-triage to many tickets relating to bridges and PTs!  \o/

>   * Size field: an estimation of how long you think it will take to get
> it done (not counting review time, just execution):
>         * small < 1 day
>         * medium < 1 week
>         * large > 1 week

Did you recently add the "size" field?  For some reason, I do not see that
field on either #7144 or #7349… perhaps the field was only added for newly
created tickets?


Err, I just created a new ticket, and I still don't see the size field.

>   * Sponsor field: if it's related to a sponsor deliverable

(I also don't see the Sponsor field!  Did you mean keywords?  Do you want
there to be fields for this?)

FWIW, I am usually slightly unclear which specific things a particular sponsor
will pay for, e.g. I believe that things like #7144 and #7349 very likely
count towards SponsorS.  However, I definitely don't know how much funds
remain for SponsorS (or how much will remain by the time I get to doing a
ticket), and so it's difficult to determine several factors related to
prioritising, possibly reframing the work in a way that some other sponsor
will cover, Just Doing It without getting paid, etc.

(I know that many of these issues will be helped by Isa's Trac improvements,
and AFAIK there are plans to discuss at the dev meeting better ways for
prioritise devs doing stuff without worrying as much about funder stuffs.
Just saying that knowing which funder is paying me for a thing is still hard
for me to do.)

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