[tor-dev] tor-roster's geo diversity badge and self-ref relays

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Sat Sep 12 16:27:26 UTC 2015


tor-roster has a badge for in-family geo diversity:

"Geo Diversity in Relays (Number of countries / Number of relays >= 0.5)"

Do you consider in-family diversity so important - even though all of
them are run by a single entity anyway?

I'd consider the tor network's overall diversity far more important than
in-family diversity because clients won't use more than one relay of a
given family anyway.

How about having a badge for tor network wide diversity?
Something like:

More than 4/5 of the family's CW is located in countries with a cw lower
than 2%* (currently means non-top 7 country) and ASes lower than 1.5%*
(currently means non-top 8 AS)?

That implies some degree of in-family diversity since a big family would
have to spread across multiple countries/ASes.

potential problem:
"growing" ASes/countries might cross the threshold in that case you
would either have to accept the fact that someone else can take away
that badge by adding relays to your AS/CC ;) or consider the diversity
at relay signup time (less fun)

*) these are arbitrary thresholds

"No Self-Referencing Relays"
I'm not sure what exactly you mean by that but I assume it is a MyFamily
config where a relay includes his own fingerprint. Why does that hurt?
The unnecessary descriptor space/bw?


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