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Fri Sep 11 06:27:15 UTC 2015

David Fifield transcribed 1.4K bytes:
> On Wed, Sep 09, 2015 at 03:33:24PM -0400, Brandon Wiley wrote:
> > I am in favor of standardizing on the Go codebase for pluggable transports that
> > ship with Tor. This is something we talked about at the last developer meeting.
> > The reason I favor this is not for reproducible build reasons, but because
> > maintaining four implementations (C, Python, C++, and Go) is confusing for PT
> > developers. As far as I know, since the last developer meeting all Tor products
> > have been migrating towards shipping the Go PT implementation so that they can
> > get obfs4 support. Last I checked, some of Tor products are also shipping other
> > PT implementations in order to maintain access to transports not available in
> > Go. I imagine that there is some time in the future where there will no longer
> > be any bridges available for the older transports and so bundling clients for
> > them will no longer be necessary. However, I don't know what the current level
> > of use for non-Go transports is. I'd love to know if someone has those stats.
> You can see the usage of each transport here:
> https://metrics.torproject.org/userstats-bridge-transport.html?graph=userstats-bridge-transport
> obfs2 - Go
> obfs3 - Go
> obfs4 - Go
> meek - Go
> ScrambleSuit - Go
> flash proxy - Python
> FTE - Python

FWIW, I suspect a majority of the obfs2/3 bridges which do not
advertise obfs4 are still running the Python obfsproxy, so roughly 25%
of the obfs2/3 bridges.  Here's some numbers.

total bridges: 4323
total bridges with PTs: 1867
total obfs4: 1413
(obfs2 or obfs3): 1739
(obfs2 or obfs3) and (not obfs4): 438
(obfs2 or obfs3) and (obfs4): 1301
obfs4 only (no other transports): 112

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