[tor-dev] Bridge Guards (prop#188) & Bridge ORPort Reachability Tests

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Fri Sep 11 01:05:09 UTC 2015

On 10 September 2015 at 02:01, isis <isis at torproject.org> wrote:
>     2.a. First, if there aren't any other reasons for self-testing: Is Bridge
>          reachability self-testing actually helpful to Bridge operators in
>          practice?  Don't most Bridge operators just try to connect, as a
>          client, to their own Bridge to see if it's working correctly?  (This
>          is what I usually do, at least…)

Yes it is helpful; no I don't/can't always do that.  IPv6 is one
issue*. Finding the correct incantation is another**.  =)


* Yes I know I can get free IPv6 tunnels from tunnelbroker, no I don't
want to; it is complicated.
** See my email from earlier this summer about piecing everything
together to test a bridge.

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