[tor-dev] CollecTor data of the current month older than 72 hours

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Thu Sep 10 09:58:22 UTC 2015


data in the /recent folder goes back 72 hours,
/archive is updated "every few days" [1].

The latest file in the archive folder [2] is currently from 2015-09-07:

votes-2015-08.tar.xz	07-Sep-2015 04:11 	159M	

but does not contain any data from September 2015.

is there currently any data for the time period between
2015-09-01 - 2015-09-07 9:00
on Collector or should I wait a few days?


[1] https://collector.torproject.org/
[2]  https://collector.torproject.org/archive/relay-descriptors/votes/

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