[tor-dev] Proposal: Single onion services

Jeff Burdges burdges at gnunet.org
Wed Sep 9 01:32:36 UTC 2015

As an aside, we chatted briefly about the naming options for single
onion services or whatever at CCC camp.  Amongst those present, there
was no strong love for any existing naming proposal.  An interesting
naming idea surfaced however : 

We do not want people using these anyways unless they know what they're
doing.  So why not use a scary opaque acronym to tempt anyone interested
to actually read the documentation? 

An obvious choice is Directly Peered Rendezvous Services, or DPR
Services for short, with the config option name DPRService. 

It flows relatively well in conversation and contains no grammatically
mess.  Single onion services is grammatically amiss.  I suppose
single-layer onion service might work, but that's still confusing
logically.  Importantly, it does not encourage improper usage like
Fast-but-not-hidden services might. 

I suppose one might use Direct Peered Rendezvous Service too, not 100%
sure on the optimal form for typical English grammar there.


p.s.  At camp, we first discussed the name Direct Point Rendezvous
Services, but the acronym would be the same.   


p.s.  I'm thinking of this now partially because the discussion between
Yawning, Mike, and David seems to rest partially on such services being
handled like introduction points or like rendezvous points.  I'd just
assumed they needed to be handled like rendezvous points to defend
against attacks like Yawning mentioned. 

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