[tor-dev] Troubleshooting Tor ephemeral hidden services

Micah Lee micah at micahflee.com
Wed Sep 9 00:18:17 UTC 2015

On 09/08/2015 05:04 PM, Damian Johnson wrote:
> Hi Micah, on first glance looks fine. For what it's worth here's the
> example I got working a while back...
> https://stem.torproject.org/tutorials/over_the_river.html#ephemeral-hidden-services
> Cheers! -Damian

Doh, I figured out what I did wrong. I was calling:

res = c.create_ephemeral_hidden_service(WEB_PORT)

When I should have been calling:

res = c.create_ephemeral_hidden_service({ 80: WEB_PORT },
await_publication = True)

The await_publication flag is great, too. Thanks, it's working for me now.

Micah Lee

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