[tor-dev] Troubleshooting Tor ephemeral hidden services

Micah Lee micah at micahflee.com
Tue Sep 8 23:58:47 UTC 2015

I'm trying to add support for ephemeral hidden services to OnionShare.
They'll solve a wide variety of problems related to OnionShare using a
system Tor instead of Tor browser, and running in environments like
Tails or Whonix. I'd rather never write the hidden service info to disk

I noticed that Tor Browser 5.5a2 comes with Tor, so it's
easy to test. But so far I'm not having any success, at least with using

Before I open a bug report, either against stem or against tor, am I
doing this right? I've made a simple test project:


It successfully appears to create the hidden service, but it never
succeeds in connecting to itself. I also can't connect to it using Tor

Micah Lee

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