[tor-dev] fteproxy depends on obfsproxy...

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Mon Sep 7 22:44:49 UTC 2015

Kevin P Dyer <kpdyer at gmail.com> writes:

> ...and it shouldn't.
> Fortunately, the dependency is isolated to a single file. See [1].
> My understanding is that pyptlib [2] is no longer maintained.
> wiley/asn/etc. - What's the proper way to remove this dependency, but make
> it easy for fteproxy to be a PT?
> -Kevin

Hmmm, a plausible way to remove this dependency would be to rewrite the
obfsproxy networking logic that you use into pyptlib (or even fteproxy).

That said, are you currently experiencing an issue that made you bring up this topic?
Because AFAIK pyptlib and obfsproxy are not currently suffering from any serious bugs.

Even though no new PTs are being developed for obfsproxy, I think any serious
bugs on obfsproxy would be taken care of by a combination of me, Yawning and the
rest of the Tor hivemind. Same goes for pyptlib IMO.

However, I understand that carrying the weight of the whole obfsproxy codebase
just for the networking logic might be a bit too much. Are there any systems
apart from Tor that are using the fteproxy+obfsproxy combination? If yes, and it
gives them pain, maybe it indeed makes sense to go through the engineering
hurdle of decoupling the obfsproxy networking logic and plugging it into

Or is there another reason that I'm missing here?


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