[tor-dev] Update of prop#250: Random Number Generation During Tor Voting

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Fri Oct 30 14:07:06 UTC 2015

Jesse V <kernelcorn at riseup.net> writes:

> David,
> I'm in the midst of reworking my OnioNS design around prop250 (and the security
> analysis therein) and as far as I can tell these changes make sense. I like the
> 00:00 -> 24:00 change as it's more intuitive as you said. I was at first very
> concerned that you removed the majority requirement as that is the assumption
> made during consensus generation, but I think your argument for the new conflict
> resolution make sense. I'm excited that the implementation is nearly complete
> and I look forward to seeing it in Tor infrastructure!

Hello Jesse,

thanks for the feedback. Any opinions on whether we should keep the conflict
lines or forget about them, based on David's email and my email?

I just estimated that removing the conflict feature will kill about 400 lines of
code, which is always nice :)

Thanks :)

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