[tor-dev] Tor browser for other Projects

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Tue Oct 27 13:17:34 UTC 2015

salutarydiacritical23 at ruggedinbox.com:
> Hello good people of Tor. As you know, your client side applications
> like Tor browser are unmatched by anything out there. They are the
> natural choice for other anonymous networks. Freenet is considering ways
> to interface with Tor browser for better privacy.
> Disclaimer: I am not an official spokesperson for them.
> I am testing the waters first before filing tickets on trac.
> My idea is for Tor browser to include the FoxyProxy for redirecting
> browser requests to proxies based on URL patterns. Optionally there's
> color indicators for every proxy so users know what network they are
> visiting. You can add rules to block LAN accesses to keep users safe
> from misbehaving JavaScript. Rules can be added for I2P URLs too.
> You'll need to disable the ads in the original addon but the code is
> DFSG compliant.
> Like the transports, your client side applications are a new area for
> collaboration beyond your project. What do you say?

We used FoxyProxy in Tails until Tails 1.1 [1]. At that time we used it
to used to same browser to access Tor, I2P, and LAN.

I *think* we disabled it because we had no more use for it (but not
because we were unhappy with its behavior). So I suggest you:

* Have a look at our source code if you want to know how it was integrated.
* Search for "FoxyProxy" in our Redmine to spot some pending issues like

I personally don't have the knowledge to tell you much more.

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